By fusing spatial analysis, systems and design thinking, social networks, and earth data science, I provide products and services that yield fresh insights to address conservation and adaptation challenges at local to global scales. 

What I do


  • land use and land cover
  • wildland-urban interface
  • hydrologic networks
  • impervious surface and watershed condition
  • geomorphological units


  • ecological integrity
  • land use effects on habitat
  • human accessibility and use of landscapes


  • future scenarios forecasts
  • targeted, novel, harmonized datasets
  • landscape networks for graph theory analyses


  • landscape permeability and fragmentation
  • movement patterns 
  • stakeholder networks and influence flow


  • the bounds between maps and art
  • social network analysis for conservation planning 
  • emerging big data for landscapes 

David Theobald - Mapping Landscape Conservation

1113 West Olive Street, Fort Collins, CO 80521 (970) 227-6207